Bathroom Revamp on a Budget!

I am very excited to reveal our new bathroom.  I have done all the work myself  (sorry Stu laid the floor) and i have to admit, i’m very pleased with myself!!  I’m also super happy as I did this revamp for around £50 only, and i’m going to share my tips and what I did with you.

So i’m not ashamed to say we live in a social housing (council house).  We have always rented and after many years of our landlords selling up and having to move constantly (8x in total) and causing money problems, having to always have deposits and large rents we were able to get some help with our housing and we couldn’t be happier.  This is our house and we can do whatever we want to it, so for the first time ever we can decorate and its made me so happy and inspired.  I used to buy OK magazine every week but now its home and style magazines, i’m constantly on pinterest and instagram.

When we first moved in( just over 3 years ago), we simply painted everything magnolia to make it liveable (the people before us did not leave it ina very nice state), the council workers actually re did the bathroom as it was in a very sorry state, so they simply tided it up, changed the tiles and painted everything (the walls, ceiling, cupboard) in magnolia!!  It was quite an old bathroom, so we actually had a new toilet and sink fitted quite soon after moving in, had a shower fitted and some exposed pipes boxed in.  I then did a quick temporary paint job of grey paint and tried to make it look nice(r).

The above pictures show it before this makeover was done, as you can see lots of clutter, open shelving, grey paint that was looking old and an attempt at accessorising with a tea towel as wall art, and it definitely needed re-doing.  We had a leak coming from behind the bath, so when the workman came to fix it, he had to pull up the flooring so this gave us the motivation to get started.

First was planning and deciding on what colour scheme we wanted in here.  after lots of browsing and searching bathrooms, I decided on a monochrome look.  The idea is that with all the walls being white, i can accessorise with black features, and then if or when i decided to redecorate again we have a good white background.

Due to having grey walls, it did take a few coats to cover all the grey, but it was worth it, the white really brightens up the room.  I bought a bathroom specific paint from B&Q from their new range and it cost just £12 and i only used one pot.  I also painted the bath panel to add a pop of colour, this was with some leftover paint we already had from our bedroom, so that didn’t cost anything.


The next thing and probably the most expensive thing in the bathroom was the bathroom cabinet and that was a very very impressive £30 from ikea.  Its a really good sized mirror fronted cupboard, so i can hide all our junk!!  I also bought the toilet roll holder from Matalan.  The floor was very kindly gifted to us by a friend, so we were very lucky.

As you can see this makes a huge difference, everything is hidden now and it fits perfectly on the wall behind the toilet.  I then did some diy’ing of items we already had to make them fit in with the room.  I also bought a towel rail from B&M for £9 and diy’ed this too.  Using just one can of black spray paint, they were all transformed and they look fab!

Then came the fun bit of accessorising 🙂 All of the bits i bought were either from B&M, poundland, charity shops or I did a diy.  The basket to hold my toilet rolls was a liucky find inna charity shop for £1.50, the small shelves are all from B&M, the faux cactus are from poundland, as is the candle, black frames and small prints.  The three prints next to the shower I made myself.  I simply found some phrases i like and typed them up on the computer and printed them off.  The cactus print was a prize in a competition.

I am so pleased with the final look and it just goes to show, that with a bit of hardwork, imagination and DIY you can transform a space for a minimal amount of money.

I hope to share some more DIY and decorating posts with you soon.

1 thought on “Bathroom Revamp on a Budget!

  1. Great transformation! Love the monochrome look 🙂


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