2019 what will the year hold?

I am very happy to report that we had a fantastic Christmas and new year.  The children were sufficiently spoilt, our bellies were well and truly filled and new year was spent with best friends.  Back to reality this week of returning to school and work for all of us.  I was dreading the morning wake ups as we had become very lazy over the holidays never waking before 9am, but it hasn’t been too bad………yet!!  It’s just Liv who is a bit grumpier in the day from waking early especially if she doesn’t have a daytime nap.

So 2019, here we are, I’m not really one for making resolutions, but there a few things I would like to try to do this year.  My main priority and what excites me and has my mind racing is about decorating the house and in the summer the garden and getting it all looking exactly how we want it.  We have been so safe in our decorating before that I feel ready to put our own taste into it and really try some new things, so watch this space as I plan to blog all about our changes, and how we will be doing it on a minimal budget.

The next thing doesn’t excite me, but is a reality and a definite need is to get our finances in order.  We really are terrible with money, and need to get organised and sort ourselves out.  We are going to have to be very sensible and be organised, but if we do this it could be a life changer for us.  We need 2019 to be the year we sort our shit out.

I also want to keep control of my mental health and for it to hopefully continue to improve, although the anxiety has already beaten me this year.  I was toying with the idea of returning to Roller Derby, as I do miss playing a lot, the friendships and support you get from the sport, plus we have recently left the gym as we weren’t using it regularly enough so I wanted to do something.  I found out all the training times, got myself ready but the day before i started questioning whether i should go, had an awful nights sleep thinking about it and woke up feeling just as anxious that i decided not to go.  I think I have to be realistic with what I am doing and not to put myself in situations where my mental health is affected.  Now obviously isn’t the right time for me to return, but hopefully at some point in the year I may be able too. I’ve worked to get to how I’m feeling now, and i’m glad I can now recognise when I don’t feel right and be strong enough to say “NO” and not put myself in those situations.

We do have some exciting things planned this year, and I look forward to doing these and spending quality family time together, I think this maybe the last year that we all do things together as Brogan will be 18 next year and I’m sure doing her own thing.  I’m also looking forward to enjoying some quality time just me and Stu and making sure we go on a few more ‘date’ nights and remember to spend time for us, not just the kids.

2019 is also going to have its challenges, in April it will be 10 years since my dad died.  I cannot believe it has been 10 years, it still only feels like yesterday.  It doesn’t get easier as people say, you just learn to cope and live life without him, as he would have wanted us too.  We will be all be together as a family on the anniversary, which will be really nice and really hard at the same time.

Whatever 2019 has in store for you, I hope it’s a good one and look forward to sharing my year with you via my blog and instagram.

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