Christmas Chaos

Sorry I’ve been a bit quite the last few weeks, its been a little hectic.  I’d love to say it was spent getting ready for Christmas but I’m a last-minute Christmas mummy.  We have been busy working, gymnastic competitions taking up weekends and then Olivia has been ill with tonsilitis.

However, for me I am actually quite organised this year, I have all the family gifts (they just need wrapping) and most of Father Christmas’ presents are here and we have the three oldest main presents.  I have friday set by to hopefully get it all finished and that for me will be an absolute miracle, I’m usually wrapping at midnight on Christmas eve!!

We have a few family Christmas traditions that I love.  I know it sounds corny, but it really is nice to just be all together at Christmas as a family.  Before the big day, we always try to have a special day/trip out.  We’ve been to safari parks, bowling, out for food, to London so it varies what we do but we always set that day out.  We are having our outing this weekend and I’m so excited but won’t mention what we are doing in case certain people are reading 😉

On Christmas morning (never before 7am, that’s the rule, although Stu is normally sat up waiting for them to wake) the kids all come into our room to open their santa sacks (if they’ve been good) it’s usually pretty hectic and full of noise but I absolutely love it! I love to see the joy on their faces, I’m excited for Liv this year as she is old enough to understand, as last year she just looked confused all day :-).  We then head downstairs and under the tree are their gifts from mummy and daddy.  This is the main gift they have wanted (i’m not letting Santa take all the credit!!). We then sit down to the table for a family breakfast.  We have a cooked breakfast with pastries.  This will fill us up as we don’t have our Christmas lunch until around 4pm.  Once we have had our breakfast and got ready for the day, we head over to Stuarts mums house for a fun Christmas morning, where the children are often spoilt rotten.  We then head back home for a bit, usually we need to empty the car as its full to the brim and to give the kids some time to play with their new gifts and for Stu and I to chill for 5 mins.  We then head out again around 2pm to my mums house where the whole family Mum,  4 sisters and partners and now 10 grand kids, so as you can imagine its, busy, fun and a little bit chaotic but bloody brilliant.  My mum cooks the biggest and most amazing Christmas dinner, with the help of my sister who has added a few new veggies to the table.  We have a big table out for the adults to sit at and the children get their own table in the conservatory.  We all sufficiently stuff our faces until we physically cannot move 😉  Then once we are able to move again, its presents time round 3.  We then all just seem to lie or sit, watching TV and letting the kids run riot for a while.  Finally its home to bed, ready for a day of nothing on Boxing day, just chilling and enjoying our new gifts.

So it may seem like a hectic day to some, to me it’s just perfect and I wouldn’t have it any other way apart from my Dad to still be here.  We miss him at the head of the table, but I know he is watching down, smiling at how the family has grown and that we are all still spending it together.

Merry Christmas to my readers and followers, I am so glad I finally started my blog and look forward to it growing even more in 2019.  Have a good one. xx


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