How involved do you get at School?

I have to admit it,  I am one of those parents who never volunteer to help when the school asks for help.  I used to dread the days I had to do playschool duty and help out for the session.  My personal belief is that when they are at school, playschool, wherever, that is their time away from me and me from them.

I have always found that when I am around, my children seem to either be really clingy and silly (which they aren’t ordinarily) or do things I would tell them off for but teachers deal with it differently, so I think by keeping away is best.  Don’t get me wrong I love going to watch their plays and assemblies etc and will make every effort to attend all of these activities, and what makes them even better is you have no idea whats going on, so you enjoy it even more.  If you volunteer and help at the school then you see rehearsals and  work being done around this so it isn’t so much of a surprise.  I feel a bit like that with my girls gymnastics training, I don’t stay and watch every training session, because when they compete I want to be able to see what they are doing, how they have improved and what level they are at, whereas if I watched each session I would know this already.

I have nothing against anyone who wants to volunteer or help out, or like my sisters be part of the school PTA, it just isn’t for me and that’s ok.  There should not be any pressure made on you, by either the school or fellow mums to do any of these, and sadly you often hear that there is, which can make ‘the playground’ a dreaded place for some parents which isn’t very nice.  You will always have the same couple of parents who do everything, and that’s up to them, you shouldn’t let hem bother you and you’re choices.

I have also noticed since being at primary school myself, from my two teenagers being at primary school and now Madison being there that there is a lot more homework given out to the children.  I understand spellings and reading coming home and perhaps a piece of english or maths every now and then, but they get this regularly now along with additional topic work and projects to do at home!!  This is a lot of extra pressure on both children and parents.  When the kids get home they are tired and cranky or they have additional clubs that they do in their own time and the last thing they want to do is more work.  As the parents you are trying to sort everyone out, driving to and from extra clubs, having to prepare tea, do homework, bedtime routine, oh and have some time to yourself!!  It makes you wonder what they do in school, with all the work they bring home 😉

I’m sure some people will totally disagree with my opinion, but thats all it is, my opinion.  I’d love to know your thoughts on both getting involved at school and about the homework they are given, so please leave a comment.

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