Poorly, Injured or Hungover

I will always remember one of the first things my mum said to me when I had my first child…..”you can never be sick now you know!” I remember thinking what a strange thing to say, but it really is true.  I have found this out many times now in my 16 years of parenthood.  It is one of the hardest things when you are not feeling well, injured or even hung over when you have children.  No matter what age the children are, they will always need you, all day and all night.

If you are lucky to have good support from friends and family then it may be a bit more manageable, but if you do not have this, then it can be really hard.  Being a parent is hard enough but when you are trying to parent whilst not feeling well, then it is testing.  We should not feel ashamed or embarrassed of kids having pyjama days and watching the TV/iPad etc when we are not well.  We have to remember as parents, that if we don’t look after ourselves, who else is going too!!  We should also not be martyrs, and ask for help when we need it, our children will not hold it against us.

I have recently suffered a hand injury (ended up in A&E with stitches on my hand after washing up a chipped glass)  I was unable to get my hand wet for 2 weeks, allowing recovery time……….now did my wonderful teenage children do all the washing up for me during this time and help me out-did they hell!!!  My 8-year-old offered but to be honest I needed my crockery to survive, the hubby helped when he could but i still had to manage somehow.

One of my lowest parenting moments was probably the last time I was really really hung over.  I had had an amazing yet emotional time at my cousin’s wedding (the first family wedding at the same venue where I got married without my dad there) this meant a lot of alcohol was consumed and alot of dancing was done, as the DJs were brilliant.  The children had stayed at their grandmas (just the 3 of them at this time), and were usually there for most of the next day but this time I can’t remember why, they were dropped back fairly early.  Stuart was dead to the world in bed, I had managed to get up, after being very sick, I suddenly remembered all the dancing as I could hardly move my legs!!! Most of the day I was either lying on the sofa, or being sick in the toilet.  I’ll be honest I was relying on my 8 and 9-year-old to look after the 2-year-old.  The worst point came when Brogan was upstairs doing gym in her room (she shouldn’t have really, but with no adult supervision who can blame her) and I was downstairs, throwing up in the toilet 😦 . Suddenly there was a scream and Brogan had knead herself in the nose and had a massive nose bleed, so I shouted for someone to get her some tissue and help her and Wil came running to me to give me tissue.  I felt so bad, I explained it was brogan and after that I decided I would never get that drunk or hungover again.  I can honestly say I haven’t, it really was not fair on the kids for me to be like that plus I felt rancid and never wanted to experience that again.

Sick, injured or hung over, just another exciting challenge that comes with parenting 😉

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