Hello 😉  Sorry I haven’t posted in a while, life has just kind of got in the way, but I’m back so thought I would do a quick post to let you know what I’ve been up to.

Well with the return to school this has meant the return to numerous car trips a day, club drop offs and just basically a hectic life again.  We became so lazy over the summer that any of us (except poor Stu who is out the house before 7) is finding it hard to wake up in the mornings-this is especially true of Olivia who isn’t waking sometimes until 8am, we leave at 8.10!!  Thursday, Friday and Sundays are currently the only days without any additional clubs or activities.  So as you can see the week is pretty busy, I then also have to factor in Brogans busy social life as we seem to be picking her up and dropping her off somewhere constantly.  I’m dreading that she will be old enough to drive next year but also looking forward to it, as it will give her some independence.

We have also just recently parted with 5 kittens, our cats 2nd pregnancy within 6 months!!  She has just been spayed as she is seriously the best escape artist ever and can seem to get out no matter how hard we try to keep her in and I DO NOT want any more kittens.  Having 5 kittens, plus mum and Boo the dog was pretty damn hectic, noisy and messy.  It was like living on a farm.  They cats were all in Madison and Livs bedroom (the one with the most stuff in) and as you can guess there were a few accidents so I have had a lot of washing and cleaning to do.  We have also just bought them bunk beds to save some space and hopefully get Liv out of our bed.  Well the first night started with Madison on the top bunk and when I came to put Liv to bed she was on the bottom bunk, they both slept in there for about an hour then Liv was back in our bed, so it may take a while for them to get used to it!!  This means that the room has had a big re shuffle and I’m currently reorganising that.

We have also, just Stu and I (insert smug faces) finally built a partition wall in the front room, to give Brogan her own private bedroom (no more blankets pinned to the ceiling to hide her 😉 This also means that the front room now needs repainting and organising, but you know what…I love it! I love DIY, decorating and organising and whilst the house is disorganised and makes me feel very anxious, it also makes me feel good to be doing something I enjoy and what improves our home.  I constantly have lists of what home improvements I want to do, and slowly but surely I am getting through them.

Another big thing that has happened is that I am no longer looking after my niece and nephews.  My youngest sisters two are now both at school, so do not need my help and although I started the new school year looking after my niece and nephew for my other sister, she has decided to put my nephew into nursery full time to make it easier for everyone.  While this wasn’t quite the original plan, it has actually worked out well.  I am very grateful to my sisters for letting me be their childcare at a time when work was too much and I needed to be home but also make a bit of money, but I have recently been picking up a few bank midwifery shifts and really been enjoying it.  So I am going to continue to do this on a regular basis.  The benefits of bank are that I can pick and choose when I want to work, I only need to do one or two shifts a week to cover my bills etc and by doing this it shows that my mental health is greatly improving as I have some confidence back to be back in the workplace after being treated so poorly.  It also gives me some quality time with Liv and the others when they are home from school. Liv seems to be enjoying it, as she has sat down and been able to play with her toys without interruption and the bickering has definitely gone, I put my hands up to anyone with twins!!

Another thing I have done is join CheltenhamMaman MumBoss Club to give myself a kick up the bum, to get a business idea I have had for a few years out into the real world.  Its a very inspiring group of fellow mum bosses and somewhere I can go for support, recommendations, and help.  Hopefully I will have some good news about this soon.

Although life is crazy and a few major changes have taken place, I am feeling really good and positive, which is huge change from this time last year.  Yes I am still on medication, and I need it, but I am comfortable to say that now and I know if I’m having a bad day and can admit that too, which is good for me and my family.

I look forward to posting regularly again and letting you know all about my business plans 😉

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