End of Summer and Back to School

I know that I blogged half way through the holidays saying that I was actually enjoying it, but you know what, honestly I enjoyed it all.  It was a very strange and quiet summer for me this year.  With the eldest two working or out with their mates they were really not a bother…..apart from when they needed money or lifts to places (brogan being the worst as she hates catching the bus).  The most frustrating thing of it all is just that point when you do turn into a taxi driver.  Wil was working often for 5 hours in the morning, brogan would be working 6-8 hours shifts in the afternoon/evening, i would try and entertain the little two in between their work hours and on a few occasions had to set my alarm to pick Brogan up as she worked until 11pm which is wayyyyy past my bedtime!!  But can I really complain when they are earning and working hard.  Very proud of them both this summer.

I managed the whole holidays without spending alot of money (holiday doesn’t count, although that also was not super expensive), we had no days out to expensive theme parks/zoos etc, we just made the best use of free activities around us.  We visited our local parks and had picnics, we took the dog for walks and explored by our house, we used the swimming pool that is part of our gym membership, had lazy tv/film days and just relaxed.  Madison kept her grandma company for a few nights, so often it would just be me and Liv, actually other than holiday, I think all 6 of us in the house was quite a rare occasion.

However, it is now the return of the dreaded school run, I say this as I have 3 children at 3 different schools, and I hate getting up early ;-).  Brogan and Wil did not get the same secondary school, so I have quite a journey in the mornings.  Our return to school has been quite spread out with Madison back on tuesday, Wil on wednesday and Brogan on thursday.  Nothing like keeping me on my toes!! Madison was a bit nervous about starting Year 4 as her class has been shuffled around and she has two teachers.  She came home happy and excited so hopefully that bodes well for the year.  Wil as ever was cool as a cucumber, not bothered by anything or worried that this is GCSE year.  Brogan is starting a whole new chapter of A levels and looking forward to it, what has been more of a challenge is what she is going to wear as the uniform is no longer and she can wear whatever as long as it is smart/casual.  Liv will start playschool this academic year, probably in the new year, i’m sure she would be absolutely fine if she went now but I want to hang onto her for a bit longer and avoid paying too much before her free vouchers kick in 😉

So heres to the autumn term, the weather changing and preparing for the next events such as, halloween, Madisons 9th birthday, fireworks and of course christmas.  Enjoy the return to school everyone.


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