Summer Fun… far

As I write this, I cannot believe we are already half way through the summer holidays.  Admittedly we have been on holiday for two of those weeks, but i can’t actually believe its going so fast!!  I know most parents are pulling their hair out by now, but I actually enjoy the summer, mainly due to the fact that i’m a lazy cow and not having to do the school run and be stuck to set times throughout the day pleases me.

This summer so far for us has been quite a different one for us, mainly due to the older two both having jobs and out most of the time, meaning I really only have two children to cater for, except for when i’m looking after my niece and nephew, but they are same age as the little ones so that helps.

With the weather being so great, i’m sure people think its great for the summer hols, but actually in the first week, I think it was (I cant believe i’m about to say this) but a little too hot.  The kids easily became tired, hot and annoyed…..and the mums aren’t far behind.  Two days of the first week we headed to Pittville park, the first we mainly spent in shade under a tree, except for when we went for an ice cream and as you can imagine this got very messy, as they melted pretty quickly!!  The second time when I had my niece and nephew we were there from 9.30am (never ever been in the park that early before) and by the end they were all in a stream trying to cool off, and getting very moany, hot and bothered.

We have then had two amazing weeks of sunshine in Cornwall, I definitely was not moaning about it being too hot then!!  Holiday blog to follow next.

So we have three weeks left of the holidays and for the next two I have some midwifery bank shifts, and the big day of Brogans GCSE results (so nervous for her, seems like only yesterday I was getting mine) and then in the final week I have my niece and nephew again, so by then my attitude and feelings towards the summer hols may have changed but until that happens i’m going to carry on enjoying them…….well until the dreaded shopping trip to buy new school stuff 😦

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