Name choices

I have been inspired by some other mum bloggers to do this article, the reasons why and what we named our children.

Our eldest daughter is called Brogan.  I feel in love with this name when i worked in a childrens soft play centre.  Every Saturday a dad would bring his two daughters brogan and megan into play, and since then i have always said i would call my first daughter Brogan.  Luckily when Stu and I discussed having kids and names he also like Brogan, although at first it wasn’t met with positivity.  Stu’s mum thought it sounded too harsh for a girls name and my dad wasn’t too sure at first.  We uuummmed and aaahhhed with other names, at one point she was going to be Hollie to please everyone and then my dad said, name her what you want, she is your daughter and you have to say the name for the rest of your lives, so we went back to Brogan, and it suits perfectly.  Her middle name is Danielle, this is after Stus dad who was Daniel.

Our second child is our only Son, Wil.  If you notice his name is spelt with only one L and that is for a special reason,  but i will get to that.  Wil is the first boy in my family for over 20 years on both my mum and dads side, so it was a pretty momentous thing.  This made choosing a boys name even harder, in general i think its harder to choose a name for a boy as you cant be as imaginative as you would with girls.  The name has to suit as a baby, toddler, teenager and grown man.  We honestly did not have a clue for a lot of the pregnancy until my dads best friend said “you’ve got a little Wil in there” Wil being my dads nickname as our surname was Wilson hence the one L.  Straight away we liked the name and it stuck, poor Wil now has to spend his life saying Wil with one L, and explaining it just Wil and not William.  It sounds silly, but if people are genuinely our friends and really interested in us, then i know by the way they spell Wil, as it means they have actually paid some attention and respect us if they have spelt it correctly.  Wil does not have a middle name, he was a bit upset about this when he was younger so we said he could choose one, so he called himself Wil Lightbulb Mitchinson, and whenever he was asked he would say this, in fact i’m sure if you asked him now he would say the same!! boys !!! (not offcially by the way).

Our next daughter is Madison.  We originally liked Olivia for Madison but Stus niece was called Laura meaning for a while once i married Stu there were two Laura Mitchinsons in the family and she had recently had a daughter and named her Olivia, so we thought it was a bit too close to also have another Olivia.  We struggled a bit for a while, its hard to think of a name when you already had one in mind.  Im not sure how we stubbled on Madison but we did and we both liked it and it stuck.  She is often called Maddie, which i don’t mind as a nickname, but not to be known as.  Her nickname was Maddie moo or just moo, so a lot of her toys when she was a baby and toddler were cow themed.  She is still often called Moo. Madison also does not have a middle name, we felt Madison Mitchinson was enough of a mouthful for her, again it annoys her, but i think she just says that because Brogan and Olivia have middle names and she doesn’t want to be left out.

Finally we do have our Olivia, after an 8 year gap, we thought it would be ok to finally have our Olivia, and now the other Laura is married, so they have a different surname 😉  She is hardly called Olivia really and is more a Liv or Livvy.  Liv does have a middle name and that is Rose, there is no significance with this name we just liked it, she is often called Olivia Rose when she is naughty, but thats it.  We were going to add Athena into her middle name as this was the name of the room she was born in, but thought it was too much.

So there you have it, We have Brogan Danielle, Wil Lightbulb, Madison and Olivia Rose……….and no more!!


Would love to hear your names and why you choose them, so please leave a comment.

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