Our Crazy Week during School Time

I thought I would give you an insight into what we have to do on a normal school week. Its pretty hectic, so try and keep up.

MONDAY- alarm goes off at 6.45, i finally crawl out of bed at 7.10 and wake everyone up, Stuart has already left by this point as he starts work at 7.30.  Breakfast done, lunchboxes made (i hate doing this and yes i know i should be more organised and do it the night before) kids get dressed and ready, whilst i get myself and liv ready (if she’s woken up by then).  Getting ready for school seems to be so much harder than wearing clothes on the weekend as my kids seem to find it hard every god damn school day!!!!! We leave the house (hopefully) at 8.10/8.15 first to drop off Wil as his day starts at 8.30, then onto Brogans school and she has to be there by 8.50 or they shut the gates and detentions are given!! Finally onto Madisons school, find a parking space and drop her off, then home with Liv.  So as you can see I have 3 children at 3 different schools, which is very very annoying and a whole other story but we manage.  Once i’m home I tend to do the housework, or take liv somewhere, usually catching up with friends.  Monday at the moment is my only free day, just me and Liv.  School run comes around and we leave the house at 2.45, pick Madison and my niece Grace up at 3.15, then brogan usually around 3.30 then its off to Gymnastics for brogan who has training 4-6pm.  Wil gets the school bus home and has a key so can let himself in.  Stuart is usually home between 4.30-4.45.  I drop brogan off then go back to my mums where i wait for my sister to collect her daughter then its back to pick brogan up and then home finally to start making some Tea, if i haven’t prepared it earlier in the day.  Once home we have tea and either relax or head to the gym in the evening.  Sometimes on a Monday evening, I have to pop into work to take some harmony tests, but this isn’t consistent.  Madison goes to bed at 8.30, and at the moment we do too (if not at the gym) we either watch tv, read or just chill on our phones, we usually sleep around 10ish.  Now that is if we have been able to get Liv to sleep.  Unlike any of our other children, Liv has no routine at all, and tends to just fall asleep when we do, she gets put into her cot, but usually a couple of hours later she is back in our bed.

TUESDAY – morning routine same as normal, apart from I also have to drop Liv off to grandmas after dropping off Madison as i do a Bank Midwifery shift on Tuesdays.  This shift starts at 9.30 so i have to be pretty swift with all the drop offs.  I work until around 5-5.30, so luckily Madison is picked up by another parent as she has gymnastics 4-6.30 and is taken to gym.  Wil gets his bus home, brogan walks round to grandmas and waits with liv.  Wil has juijitsu on a Tuesday, so Stu gets home and then they pretty much have to leave to drop Wil off in time for his class to start.  Wil gets the bus home as Madison also needs picking up and his lesson is in town, so by the time Stu gets home from dropping him off, he would have to leave again.  I then finish work, head over to collect liv and brogan and then over to pick Madison up from gymnastics and then usually around 7pm we get home.  Its always a late tea on Tuesdays due to this.  During football season Stuart (who is a manager of a local team) has training, so he is at that till late.  I’m usually in bed nice and early on a Tuesday.

WEDNESDAY – morning routine same as normal, only difference this time is that after dropping Madison off at school, I then collect my nephew from my sister who i care for wednesday-friday.  We either pop into the shops for necessities, head home or go out on a play date.  i try and get out with them, as it saves my house getting trashed and tires them out.  Although if i’m feeling tired, its great to come home and let them run around here whilst i slowly potter about.  We head out for the school run a bit earlier on a wednesday as i go to my mums first to grab the double pushchair, so i can walk up to school (weather permitting) and also means i can walk the dog.  After school pick up, we all head back to my mums until my sister collects her kids.  During this time Stu has come via my mums to collect our kids as I have a small reception job in the evening.  I start at 5.30 and finish around 9ish.  So Wednesday evening is daddy day care.

THURSDAY – morning routine exactly the same as Wednesday.  Tend to take Thursdays a bit slower after a hectic Tuesday and Wednesday.  Try to walk to school again, so myself and the dog have had a walk ;-).  Then its back to my mums again to wait for my sister, then home for some tea and then yes you guessed it, gymnastics at 8pm (this is actually the least brogan has ever trained).  I watch the gym and Maddie also joins in, so Stu is at home with Liv and Wil.  We get home between 9-9.30 so its straight to bed.

FRIDAY – last day of the week!! Same morning routine as Wednesday and Thursday.  The only difference is that on a Friday, Stu finish’s work at 1.30, so he is home for the afternoon, which is lovely.  Its the usual school pick up routine, but happy to report NO CLUBS AFTER SCHOOL!! so its home to chill and start the weekend.

SATURDAY – I don’t really know why i sounded so excited at the end of Friday, Madison has gymnastics 8.30AM-10 and Wil jujitsu 9.30-10.30 so we have to get up early on a Saturday too.  I do the gym run and Stu does the jujitsu run.  During football season this is match day so Stu if often gone by 12 and away for the rest of the day/evening.  I don’t normally have plans, and wait and see how the day takes me.

Sunday – I would like to say this is our day of rest and most usually is, unless there is a gymnastics competition and we have to be somewhere around the country at stupid o’clock in the morning.  We tend not to make plans and try to keep Sundays free, we after all allowed one day off 😉

As you can see our lives are pretty hectic, but we manage, sometimes by the skin of our teeth but we do.  I do love not having to do the school run in the holidays, but the gym and jujitsu runs all stay so i don’t get off everything.  We also obviously have the dog, so walking her has to be factored in somewhere and then you get the school run activities, as well as any social events, but thats the joy of having a big family, and even bigger eye bags to go 😉

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