Decorating the Girls Bedroom

We currently live in a 3 bedroom house and as you can imagine its a bit of a squeeze, especially when it comes to bedroom space.  The rooms have moved around quite a bit over the last couple of years, but I think they are pretty set after the most recent move.

Brogan is currently actually in our dining room, to be honest we hardly ever used it for dining and the table was just there, and it was being used as a dumping ground, so to give brogan her space and not have to share with Madison we moved her in here.

At present Wil is in the smallest bedroom, being the only boy he has his own space.  The room is plenty big enough for his bed, sofa chair and tv and xbox so he’s happy…..even if I did swap it around whilst he was on holiday so a bit of a surprise to comeback too.

We are currently in the biggest bedroom, we were in here as we had livs cot in with us so it was logical, but now it is just us and its lovely to have our own space.  I even have room for my sewing machine and a desk for my computer, my own space to escape the crazy house.  We are currently still decorating, but will do a bedroom reveal when finished.

Madison and Olivia are in the middle bedroom and sharing for the first time.  Although liv has hardly bloody slept in there as she keeps falling asleep with Stu and then ends up staying in our bed.  However, her cot and toys are in there, so its def her room too.  Madison was excited to share with liv, until the reality of a destructive two year came in and ruined her school games, etc.  It sometimes get a little stressful but will be good for maddie and liv to share and learn to share with each other.

I have gone to some effort to decorate their room nicely, so that they enjoy being in there and want it to stay their bedroom.  As mentioned in my previous blog post, i like to decorate on a budget, so this room was no different.  I have put my upcycling skills to the test and painted most things in pink paint that we had left over.

As you can see from the pictures above, i have painted some jam jars pink to turn them into pen and storage pots, i have painted an old picture frame and put some sparkly wallpaper on as a backing and turned it into a picture pin board.  I have also painted around the mirror which had an original pine surround and then above the mirror i have painted an ikea spice rack (6 of which were given to me for free from a friend) but put it up, upside down, so that they girls can put all their hairbands and accessories on.

Then using accessories and picture frames we already had, put up some pictures and meaningful quotes for the girls.  There is a gymnastics quote for madison, and lots of toy story and monsters inc sayings for Olivia.  All i simply did was search google for these saying and prints and then went to the local supermarket and printed them off their photo booth machine.  Think it cost me about £8.

I also painted the other ikea spice racks and used them as book shelves, the remaining rack and spare picture shelve i had was used as decorative shelving for liv.  Using left over blackboard paint i had in the shed, i painted the cupboard doors with this so that the girls can use it, and it doesn’t take up any extra space.


One thing I did spend money on, was this Wall sticker of the World.  I think its brilliant, bright, educational and the girls love it.  Its so easy to put up, as its lots of small parts and it only cost £9!

Over all i’m really pleased with how its turned out, and really pleased with my upcycling and hard work, this whole rooms decor cost me under £30, using items we already had, a bit of reorganising, a tub of pink paint and lots of toys to display!  Heres to them spending lots of time in there playing (and not arguing).  I would love to know what you think, please leave a comment below.



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