Decorating on a Budget

As you can imagine, being a family of 6, money is tight especially since I have stopped working, but i do love to decorate.  I like putting my own stamp on my house and keeping it nice, I do this to help reduce some of my stress and because I enjoy it and it makes me happy.  Gone are the days of buying Ok magazine, now its home and garden magazines that I love.  I get loads of inspiration from them and also from instagram and pinterest.  I have become very good at spotting a bargain and become very good at recycling and reusing items when needed.  If I want something new then i tend to try and sell old items on facebook selling sites to make money for the new items.  I often look in the sale sections of shops before the main section as you never know what you might find.

If there is a piece of furniture I really like, I tend to do my research and find the style and look I want and then search the internet or visit many shops (any excuse) to try and find the cheapest and best quality one that i want.  Many supermarkets and cheaper shops do really good imitations of some really expensive pieces so it always worth looking around first.

Another trick i have (this is a bit of a cheeky one, but got to be done) is, that if I want to wallpaper a feature wall or area, for example in my house around the kitchen door and around the front room door, and previously a wall in madisons room then i find the paper i want, and take a good sized “sample” to test the paper at home.  This doesn’t always work as depends on the pattern on the paper and the size wall you want to wallpaper but it can be done.  I have managed a few times and never been questioned about the paper I take, to be honest what is the ruling about taking a sample?  there are never any signs up, but everyone does it, as long as you don’t take a whole roll, what harm is it taking from an already opened roll which will never sell????  In fact i’m often in the shop taking samples as the kids love to pick paper they like and use it for colouring or making things when doing arts and crafts, I have even taken some sparkly wallpaper when decorating for madisons birthday party to use when making bright party signs.

I have also become a dab hand at upcycling, and hate to see a piece of furniture go to waste.  Below are some pictures of items I have done, I have even been asked my a friend to do some for her, which was a huge compliment.

The fireplace was found outside my sisters house ready for the bin men, so i quickly stashed it in my car and took it home, gave it a quick paint and the used a wallpaper “sample” to create the inside.  The old blue table, was my mother in laws and she was using it in the shed but was going to tip it, so i took that and transformed it and now its my potting table in the garden.  I bought the cupboard on facebook a few years ago, it was originally pine, painted and put some material in the glass door, we used it for a while but i have recently just put it on the selling sites to be sold.  The pine shelves were also in my mother in laws shed getting battered so i asked if we could have it and she said yes, a lick of paint and its much improved.  We used it for a while but i just sold it for £40, allowing me to use the money to put towards decorating the girls bedroom (next blog post).  My original kitchen sides were the horrible speckled grey, which i really didn’t like and didn’t go with my intended look, but also could not afford new sideboards, so i bought some sticky back plastic and covered the sides and it has absolutely transformed them for about £10.  The final picture was the set of shelves I upcycled for my friend and they turned out better than i expected.  I don’t use any fancy expensive paints to do this, just what i have left in the shed.

I hope this post helps and shows that you can decorate on a budget, you just have to be creative and use your imagination.  I love interiors and decorating, it is a huge interest in mine and I can lose hours of my life looking for inspiration.  My next blog post will be about our mass bedroom change around, and how you can decorate a childs room on a small budget.  I would love to hear what you think and any tips or money saving ideas you also have.

1 thought on “Decorating on a Budget

  1. I loved this article Lor, it’s amazing how much you can achieve on a budget. I also love the tips you have shared – especially the wallpaper samples! You’ve inspired me to do some DIY of my own xx


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