I have a great love for photography, if you were to come to my house, this would be evident straight away as there are photos all over my house.  Including a gallery wall all the way up the stairs.  I have always said to Stu that if the house was on fire, and we were all out safe, then I would grab the photos, they are our treasured memories.  Even more so photos of Brogan and Wil when they were younger and the early days of our relationship as there was not the technology available like there is now, so i have many photo albums full of ACTUAL photos.  I find it quite sad now that people don’t print their photos as there is nothing better than looking over actual photos and keeping all those memories.  God i’m getting old 😉

In the last few years I have been trying to take more and more ‘artistic’ photos, and with improved phones etc i have been improving, but for christmas this year I got my first proper camera (had many cameras before but this one is special) and I have loved taking photos.  I have found that I only tend to take ‘artistic’ photos on this camera as i can use my phone for everyday pics, but I want to save this camera for special photos…….weird I know!

Brogan is going to be taking A level photography and i’m actually quite jealous, I would have loved to have been able to do that at school, so i’m hoping to pick up some tips from her.  However, I hope she isn’t planning on “borrowing” my special camera!!

Since giving up roller derby, and not being able to do all the hobbies/sports I used to before becoming a super busy mum of 4, I have struggled in letting myself have some time for myself and to relax and do something I enjoy.  Photography has allowed me to do this, I can just take the dog for a walk, or walk off around the beach whilst the family are playing and take some photos, it really does relax me, and takes me into my whole little world, allowing me to think i’m a photographer for The National Geographic 😉  I do not know why I seem to be drawn to nature/flowers/weather etc but this has just been very natural and where i can be as creative as I like.

Below I will post some of my favourite photos i’ve taken.  I would love to know what you think and if you would be interested in seeing more, if so then I will post some of my photos more regularly.  Its very important we do things for ourselves and photography is an easy way, to take some time, be it 5-10 mins or longer to just forget about all the worries and relax.




2 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Ooh I love the moon picture! I really need to get a proper camera! I’ve wanted one a couple of years and I bet it makes a real difference.

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  2. thanks vic, i love my camera. still got lots to learn, but enjoying it. I took that photo of the moon in the field behind our houses!!


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