The Journey Begins

So I have finally done it, i’ve started my blog.  If you look on my instagram, I posted a picture in January 2017 saying I would like to start a blog but it has taken me this long to pluck up the courage to do it.  This is kind of the story of my life…..I have many ideas, either in my head or written down in one of my many notepads (stationary for life) but never actually do it (all the gear no idea comes to mind).  Well today I have, and this is the start (and hopefully not the end) of my blogging career.

My name is Laura, 37 years young, I have been married to Stu for 15 years and we have been together for 17 years.  Pretty damn proud of our marriage, especially in this day and age where people seem to use marriage as an excuse for a hen/stag party and a big wedding day.  We are still very happy, don’t get me wrong we have had some tough times, but we worked through it and here we are…….2 very tired but happy parents to our 4 children.

Our eldest daughter is Brogan and she is (just) 16!!!! Still can’t believe that.  We had her when we were 21/22, some people think that is pretty young, but I didn’t….maybe that was because my mum was a teen mum (i was due on her 17th birthday) so 21 felt quite old to me.  She is currently doing her GCSEs so its a busy and stressful time for her.  She is also a competitive gymnast so she does that as well.  I put my hands up to her, she is very determined and does really well at balancing her activities (even if she moans most of the time that she doesn’t want to do it, but loves it when she is there).  Brogan luckily has a really nice, close group of friends so her social life is pretty busy, and often hard for me to keep up with it all.

Very shortly after Brogan was born, we decided we want to have another baby pretty soon, so 15 months later, her brother (our only son) Wil was born.  Wil is our very intelligent, blond haired boy (he had gorgeous white blond curls when he was a toddler).  It was a pretty big occasion Wil being born as there had been no boys in the family for a long time, on both my mum and dads side it had been over 20 years !!  Wil is a computer gamer and is often found in his room playing xbox-usually loudly with his headset on talking to people online, which does become very annoying especially at nighttime.  His current hobby is Brasilian Juijitsu (I say current as he does have a habit of doing different things for a few months and then stopping but so far he is sticking to it).

After being mummy to Brogan and Wil full time for a couple of years, I decided I needed a career and my interest in midwifery had peaked during my pregnancies and decided to go for it.  I was convinced that I didn’t want anymore children as I had one of each so I applied.  It took a couple of years to actually get a place with the courses so highly in demand but finally I did and my midwifery career began.  It was a pretty challenging time I have to admit.  During one of my labour ward placements I experienced one of my most challenging experiences to date, where we nearly lost both mum and baby, however difficult this was it strangely made me feel very broody and realise that I did want another baby, as being a mum is a really amazing and lucky thing to be.  Stuart was pleased to hear this as he wanted another baby, so after some discussing we decided it would be best to take a break in my training and have another baby.  It worked out pretty well in the end and I was able to finish year 2 completely and have a year off before I returned for my final year.

So 7 years later our next daughter Madison was born.  Her pregnancy was a difficult time as sadly my dad passed away very suddenly (will write a separate blog post on this), but it also gave us something positive to look forward to.  Well what can I say about Madison or maddie as she is called.  She is a character-I think due to having teenage siblings and being the baby for quite a while she is quite spoilt (also down to her very close relationship with her grandma) so sometimes she can be shall we say challenging.  However, she is a beautiful clever little thing who loves to please.  She like her big sister is also a competitive gymnast, and trains really hard at that.

I returned to my studies, and finally after a challenging final year I became a qualified midwife.  During my training I enjoyed the community part of midwifery the most so this was the area I worked in, I did some rotations onto labour ward and birth units but primarily I would say I am a community midwife.  Something must happen to Stu and I and we must forget the sleepless nights, and toddler tantrums as again 5 years later we decided we wanted another baby, sadly we had a miscarriage at 10 weeks, but thankfully a few months later we fell pregnant with our fourth child.

So 6 years later or 14 years after our first we had our third daughter Olivia.  I am the worst person when people say about age gaps as i’ve had a super close one and then two big ones, but I wouldn’t change it (plus I have built in babysitters now).  Olivia has literally just turned 2 and wow the girl knows her own mind, she is fiercely independant, very vocal and runs rings around all of us.  She still has never slept the whole night through without getting into our bed and STILL has some “baby milk” as she calls it, but breast milk to me and you just before she goes to sleep.  Liv has definitely completed our family, there will be no more 6 year gaps!!!!

So thats us, The Mitchinsons, I hope you will enjoy hearing about our crazy, busy lives and enjoy my writing.  Im looking forward to really getting this blog going.  Always happy to receive any feedback or answer any questions so please feel free to contact me.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


4 thoughts on “The Journey Begins

  1. Love it Lor, well done! Look forward to more posts x


  2. I have loved reading your first blog, especially as it is something that i am interested in starting myself. I’m hoping to seek inspiration from you. I look forward to reading more…


  3. Interesting read but you talked about everyone’s back ground but Stu… was this on purpose at his request? X


    1. No he hasn’t said anything. suppose I should have really🙊🙊.


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